Our team has decades of experience designing and constructing traditional and prefab homes both on-grid and off-grid in every terrain. We have developed an expert understanding of the many challenges of construction including consistent quality control, schedule, and uncertain costs.

We knew there was a better way to ensure our customers have the flexibility to design and quickly build 120 -3000 sq. ft. custom, affordable homes and offices in their backyard or any residential lot with a path to expand their home as their lifestyle and needs change.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to design and engineer beautiful, affordable, easy-to-assemble, functional dwellings.We are committed to quality, innovation, design and engineering excellence

Punapods, a fresh attractive dwelling, studio, office, or get-away.

Punapods Villages™

Worldwide comfortable, affordable, convenient housing is a rare find. Municipalities, corporations and institutions that care for the quality of life and are working to build affordable housing near employment, shopping, agriculture and industry. Punapods collaborates to build build Punapods VillagesTM of 36 homes or more on land parcels where beautiful, affordable quality homes are in demand.

Please contact us if you have a land parcel that can be transformed into a high-use Punapods VillageTM. We look forward to exploring the possibilities.

Punapods Definition


Hawaiian, short for Kupuna or Grandmother or elder person

Spring of water * An attractive dwelling or retreat with the scent of Hala


The vessel that holds seeds * A type of construction designed in assorted colors, structures, materials, mechanisms, shapes, sizes, and structure * Acronym for Principles Of Design