Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our patent pending SIPrail™ building system to ensure developers, builders and resorts can take advantage of 21st century innovation and have a faster, simpler, better way to build high quality modern communities. The entire Punapods team is committed to delivering quality, innovation, design and engineering excellence to our customers.


Fresh, eco-friendly, attractive homes or resort getaways.

Punapods Definition


Hawai'ian, short for Kupuna or Grandmother or elder person

Spring of water

An attractive dwelling or retreat with the scent of Hala - traditional fruit used for medicine and food.


Vessel that holds seeds

Type of construction designed in assorted colors, structures, materials, mechanisms, shapes, sizes, and structure

Acronym for Principles Of Design

Our Story

Our team has decades of experience designing and constructing traditional and prefab homes both on-grid and off-grid in every terrain. We have developed an expert understanding of the many challenges of construction including consistent quality control, schedule, and uncertain costs.

Punapods’ unique design solutions provide an industry-first, allowing the flexibility for custom design and production of strikingly beautiful, affordable homes in any residential or resort community. Engineered with an eye to the future, developers, builders and resorts can affordably adjust to changes in market demands, while maintaining the distinctive Punapods design and features.