The Power Of The Proprietary SIPrails™ Building System

The Punapods difference is in the proprietary patent pending SIPrails™ building system. Taking advantage of 21st century innovation, the canted walls are possible due to the increased strength of SIPrails™ and nearly double the living space. The state-of-the-art SIPrails™ system simplifies and shortens the construction process, increases structural integrity 6-fold and ensures standardized quality during the onsite build.

SIPrails™ are fabricated to accommodate Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) thickness ranging in depth from 7.25” to 12”. The unique patent pending SIPrails™ use extruded aluminum rails rather than 2x6’s to band the SIPs giving them six times the strength. In all of our models the SIPrails™ come standard encapsulating 9.25” SIPs, except in the Classic+ that uses 7.25” SIPs. In our factory the SIPs are pre-cut with windows and doors and encapsulated with the SIPrails™.

The unique, proprietary, interlocking SIPrails™ system is incredibly easy to assemble. Each of the SIPrails™ includes a pair of connectors coupling and locking together a pair of structural insulated panels. SIPrails™ eliminate the need screws and nails, wood members and wood inserts. Punapods™ arrive on site with all of the components required for the complete installation and a complete home.

SIPrails™ Benefits

Maximized design flexibility allowing developers, builders, and resorts to add their signature style, meet local aesthetics, zoning, and customer requirements

Increased structural integrity 6-fold over traditional building structure

Flat-packed delivery of the floors, walls, ceiling, androofs with double glazed windows, doors, wiring and plumbing already installed

Assembles into a complete pre-finished SIP structure in hours. Walls, ceiling, and floor panels slide and lock together

Eco-Conscious design and size uses fewer natural resources.

Fire resistant with metal structure and finishes

Higher insulation factors than standard construction, R-40 to R-50 is more efficient = lower costs to heat & cool

Reduced on-site complexity and uncertainty means reduced build time

Precision alignment of walls, ceilings, and floors

Simplified on-site expertise required, while increasing quality.

Can break down and move to another location. Can function as a permanent or temporary structure.

The kitchen, bath, cabinetry, and Murphy bed are custom made in our factory and shipped with the SIPrails™ and SIP structure to the job site. Appliances, fixtures, fittings, luxury vinyl flooring and standing seam metal exterior cladding arrive at the site ready to install. Punapods are move in ready in days.


SIPrails™ training teams work with

Developers to construct Punapods

Installation is performed on site by external general contractors that are trained and certified in the assembly of Punapods homes by our SIPrails™ Training Team. These trained general contractors may either be the installers or train and support the developer’s general contractors. The developer pays for the general contractor to assemble the homes or commercial structures on-site or train-the-trainer as part of his contract agreement with Punapods. The size of the general contractor team performing installations will vary depending on the number of homes and commercial structures at the job site and the requirement for parallel installations. 

As a minimum, every job site will have a SIPrails™ train-the-trainer on site. Every region where there are multiple Punapods developments will have a SIPrails™ Training Team Member available to support the installation and to train-the-trainer. As part of the SIPrails™ training team, Punapods will provide a quality control person at every job site to ensure assembly meets our high-quality control standards.