441 ft², 1 bedroom, with full size fully equipped kitchen and 1 full size bathroom.


Fixtures & Fittings

Downstairs is 28’ long x 13’3” wide with high side ceilings of 23’ 9 ½” and low side of 15’ 3 ½”

Upstairs is 16’9” long x 18’ wide with high side ceilings of 12’8” x low side of 5’

Generous windows

Kitchen: Fully equipped including a sink, disposal, combo microwave/convection oven, full-sized refrigerator, dishwasher, and double induction cooktop, upper and lower cabinetry, and combo washer/dryer

Bath: Frosted glass shower, wall mounted toilet and sink

Dining Booth: High/ low table for convertible bed and storage

Second floor loft with stairway

Built-in Murphy bed with storage cabinetry

Standing seam roof and exterior cladding

Interior and exterior lighting

Generous storage

Luxury vinyl plank flooring

Hot water heater



Murphy bed wardrobe

Full window wall front

Full window wall back

Porch hood front

Porch hood back

Solar Electric